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Main strategic challenge for European politics
The demographic change and its impacts on social, economic, healthcare and educational matters have become one of the main strategic challenges for European politics. Demographic Change Regions Network (DCRN), founded in 2006, is an open informal network that joins together Brussels based regional offices interested in challenges of demographic change – ageing, declining and migration of population.

Nowadays the network is a group of some 40 regions, that see that the demographic trends in Europe are an important factor to consider and discuss in all levels from local to European. Demographic challenges are and continue to be a great challenge for the economic and social cohesion of Europe, therefore awareness-raising on the topic is essential.

Activities of DCRN
Activities of the network consist of regular meetings and brainstorming sessions, seminars and workshops, meetings with relevant officials and also  disseminating best practises in form of consultation responses and presentations. The main aims of the network are:

• raising the awareness of European institutions on the specific needs of regions affected by demographic change,
• cooperating with EU institutions – in particular the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Committee of Regions,
• sharing information and experiences on demographic change issues,
• improving the cooperation among Brussels based regional offices,
• developing common projects,
• promoting cooperation between the regions and stakeholders such as NGO’s and universities.

Project development
In recent years the network has among other activities successfully launched an EU-funded InterregIVC project by the name DART (an acronym for Declining, Ageing and Regional Transformation). Main outcomes of the project are expected to be:

• defining new common indicators for measuring decline and other symptoms of demographic change in European regions,
• identifying good practices which strengthen the economy and which concern educational as well as health care and social services in each region and
• making political recommendations to regional and European stakeholders and raise public and political awareness with regard to declining and ageing regions.

For more information please see: www.dart-project.eu

More information on the networks views and topics:

DCRN – Joint declaration of the European Regions (October 2006):

DCRN response to the European Commission consultation on the possible designation of 2012 as the European Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity (July 2009): http://www.ec.europa.eu/social/BlobServlet?docId=3531&langId=en

DCRN response to the Commission consultation on ‘Growing Regions, growing Europe: Public consultation on the future of EU Cohesion Policy’ (January 2008): http://www.stk.brandenburg.de/media/lbm1.a.4856.de/fuenf.pdf

Interested? Join us!
If our Network sounds interesting to you please feel free to contact us for more information on the future events and activities. We are looking forward to welcome you on our next meeting or event. There is no formal membership and it is free of charge to  join and participate.

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